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Usage Guide Groups IAAFL on Facebook ( Like it unwillingly Facebook has become the center of attention of all or almost, and American football makes no difference, we have designed a system that we called IAAFL Network Facebook with which to receive, distribute, store information about our activities in Italy and in the World . IAAFL NETWORK GUIDE is the index of the groups IAAFL available FB GROUP DEDICATED TO TEAM: (accessible by typing IAAFL + team name) Have already been created and published FB groups (others are in constant creation / publication) Team members dedicated to the activities IAAFL (unofficial groups of the Team) not to dub the groups official Team but to have greater visibility of individual Team IAAFL because easily traceable thanks to the unique prefix IAAFL ante the name of the team for all groups IAAFL existing, are represented by the icon of the planet Saturn. In these groups dedicated to Team IAAFL for which we are producing a dedicated graphics unofficial (revisiting the image team logo for a new corporate image linked to the team) you will have to share information and post from the official page / group official team. FB GROUP DEDICATED TO NATIONAL COUNCIL and CONTINENTAL: Every Continent / Country / Region of the world adhering to IAAFL has a reference group administered by the National Commission / Regional traceable typing IAAFL + nation name in English, is identified with the icon of footballs . eg: IAAFL ITALY ( - IAAFL AFRICA ( - IAAFL CORSICA (https: / / FB GROUP DEDICATED TO NATIONAL TEAM: Each Council also refers to a group dedicated to the activity of his national team, is identified with the icon of the shield quadriparte blue and white. eg: IAAFL BLUES OF ITALY F9 ( - IAAFL LE BLEU DE FRANCE ( - IAAFL THE TRI ECUADOR ( GROUP DEDICATED TO COMMUNICATION: in this section are grouped those groups useful in tracing (of course to spread and multiply the user) from the team news and press releases, press releases of the organization (identified with the icon of the megaphone) are currently active following groups: IAAFL ITALY VIRTUAL KIOSK ( is dedicated to all the Italian teams, post here and share all the news about their team that have been published in the media. IAAFL ITALY TEAM ( This group consists of post regarding team IAAFL asks the teams to post news about your team as follows: in the post of its own team place with the function comments "add a comment" text + possible photo and send, we will order all comments added in the post of the team. IAAFL MEDIA PRESS ( is the group where they are posted all press officers IAAFL Italian and international. IAAFL ITALY MEDIA PRESS ( is the group where they are posted all press officers IAAFL Italy. The National Championships are identified by the cup and cover loosely national events of the various Council, eg: ITALY IAAFL CHAMPIONSHIPS 2015 ( Other groups FB IAAFL useful to manage the activities of its team in IAAFL: IAAFL QR CODE ( posted here are the QR Code for administrative management IAAFL. IAAFL UNIFORM COLLECTION MAX8 ( is dedicated to the line of clothing IAAFL IAAFL ITALY TOUR ( here are communicated tourism initiatives, sports IAAFL Italy IAAFL ENTERTAINMENT & SPECTACLE ( as the title is a group dedicated to highlight the initiatives of IAAFL in this specific segment, buy tickets, promotional initiatives.