World CSIT 2015

CSIT member organization AICS will host the IV. CSIT WORLD SPORTS GAMES, which will be held in the city ofLignano Sabbiadoro in Italy from 7th to 14th of June, 2015.
The city of Lignano Sabbiadoro is welcoming CSIT, its World Sport Games and the several thousands of participants from all over the world to practice sports and "sports for all" activities in the best atmosphere and conditions. In the past years it is proven that the World Sport Games are an excellent opportunity to meet and greet people from all over the world in a sportive way.
About the World Sport Games (WSG)
The WSG is a bi-annual international event full of sports, sport for all, cultural exchange and fun. These games are not multisports games for top athletes, but for all workers and amateurs from different countries and cultures all over the world. Not only the organization of competitions is in the foreground, but also organising a huge festival with regard to gathering sports friends, as a worldwide family, to advance the making of friendships, the exchange of information and experiences within the sports or sports overlapping. That's the spirit of CSIT! The WSG is an open event for amateur sports-athletes with raising numbers of participants each edition and welcomes (non-) member organisations, partners, governmental bodies, trade unions and companies from all over the word. The history of the WSG proves this event has "Olympic allures". It provides the participants a real international sports week with touristic and cultural content they will never forget.
About IAAFL Championship:
Thank to our President AICS, On. Bruno Molea, actually Vice-President CSIT, for the first time, American Football participe in WSG organizing tournaments in the modaliuty of 9v9 Tackle, 5v5 Fivemen Tackle and Flag 5v5, both Feminine and Masculine
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